Friday, April 24, 2015

Trending — Pineapple Prints

A few years back it was all about citruses. Lemons, limes, and oranges—oh my! Cherries had their time in the sun, too. But now, my friends, it is all about the tropical pineapple in clothing.

Quirky fashion brand MSGM based a whole collection on the pineapple, and everyone from Tory Burch to Charlotte Russe is jumping on the trend. Both high fashion and high street brands are fascinated with the tropical fruit. I must say, it's a rather strange fruit, but it does make for an exciting print on a button-down shirt or sweater. 

Perfect for warm summer weather! 

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What do you think about pineapple print?

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Best Looks from Coachella 2015

image via Tyler Joe for Elle
Coachella fashion may be a bit ridiculous at this point, but that doesn't mean everyone has resorted to flower crowns and cut-offs. For every overdone cliché there was a look that screamed festival perfection, from celebrity party looks to just plain-old chic concertgoers. See some of my favorite looks below!

(via Tyler Joe for Elle)
Kristina Bazan of Kayture (via Harper's Bazaar)
(via Gastro Chic for WhoWhatWear)
(via Gastro Chic for WhoWhatWear)
Kate Bosworth in Etro jacket, Kempner dress, Ray-Ban sunglasses, and Coach purse (via Buzzfeed)
Alana Haim (via Emily Knecht for Vogue)
Alexa Chung in a Chloé dress and Ray-Ban sunglasses (via Refinery29)
(via Harper's Bazaar)
Alessandra Ambrosio, in an Alé by Alessandra romper, with friends (via Tyler Joe for Elle)
What were your favorite looks from Coachella? Share in the comments below!

Monday, April 20, 2015

The Problem with Limited Capsule Collections

Image via Lilly Pulitzer for Target Lookbook
By now you've probably heard all about the mess that was the Lilly Pulitzer for Target launch that happened on Sunday, April 19th, or what some people are now referring to as “Pink Sunday”. The eagerly anticipated capsule collection was met by mile-long lines of dedicated devotees and was wiped out of stores within minutes. As I happened to make a trip to the mall this morning anyways, I thought about bopping by Target just to see if there was anything left. When I entered the store (a mere ten minutes after it had opened, mind you) there were only a few items of children’s clothing and some nail polish left.

At Target locations nationwide the result was the same: #LillyForTarget came and went faster than a flash of lightning, and people are mad.

Of course, a quick search on eBay and one will see that the majority of the capsule collection inventory is available for sale online; only, these pieces are marked up two to three times their selling price. At Target a shift dress sold for $38; on eBay they are priced anywhere from $80 to $200. This is a standard practice with these limited capsule collections: scalpers will arrive at the stores early and scoop up everything they can get their hands on and then sell them for a profit online, taking advantage of the fact that once these items have disappeared off the shelves, they are gone for good. Stores sometimes try to fight this by limiting the items that customers can purchase, but these eBay sellers find ways around it.

These guys are smart, but they're also taking advantage of what should be a fun, for-everyone event. The whole point of designer collaborations with cheaper brands like Target or H&M is to make a designer more accessible; customers can be introduced to names like Joseph Altuzarra and Peter Pilotto without having thousands of dollars to spend on items of clothing. A collaboration with a name like Lilly Pulitzer is ideal because a larger population is already familiar with the Lilly style but may not have the financial means to afford the real deal. A Target version may not have the same exact level of quality as a “true” Lilly, but for a teenage girl who loves Lilly but can't afford it on her after school job salary, a Lilly for Target version is perfect. When the supposedly cheaper version is selling for $200, though, you might as well get the real thing.

Though a group of preppy snobs was complaining about the Target collaboration lessening the value of their real Lilly Pulitzer clothes, ironically it has become the cheaper version that has become more covetable and in-demand. In fact, anyone can walk into a Lilly Pulitzer store and buy a Lilly dress whenever they want. It is the person who walks away with the limited Lilly for Target dress that becomes the true owner of exclusivity.

What do you think about designer collaborations like the Lilly for Target collection? Do you think these collaborations are valuable, or do they cause more trouble than they are worth?

Friday, April 17, 2015

Trending — Lace It Up

The Reformation Caroline Dress ($98)
Sometimes I wish corsets came back in style and then I realize that I really don't want to wear an instrument of personal torture everyday. Underwire bras are annoying enough, thank you. Truth be told, I really just like the look of corseting; not even the look they give the women who wear them, but just how they appear in the world. They may be painful and the reason why fainting was an actual thing women did when they saw a total babe walk by, but they are pretty cool to look at. And the whole idea of lacing a corset up everyday basically means that you were a big enough deal to have someone who's job was to put that corset on you. #TheDream

So if you find yourself yearning for the coolness of the corset but would like to skip out on the whole rib-damaging, literally deforming your body to fit misogynistic beauty standards sort of thing, I have just the thing for you! The lace-up dress (or top)!

I was introduced to the coolness that is The Reformation while interning at WhoWhatWear this past summer, and one of their most popular styles is the Caroline Dress, a chic mini with lace-up detail and grommeting that reminds me of a corset but without the pain of wearing one! Clearly the WWW editors are big fans and so am I! The lace-up detail is a nice touch to what would otherwise be a simple LBD, and it has a sort of sexy pirate lady appeal to it (which, you know, you should always aspire to channel a sexy pirate lady). 

You can leave the lacing undone for a particularly sultry look, or you can be a bit more prim and proper with a fully-laced neckline. There's room for variation and interpretation with this style neckline, which is always nice.

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What do you think of lace-up necklines?

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

You Could Wear Denim For The Rest of Your Life

Once upon a time denim was a fabric reserved for a pair of casual pants we like to call The Blue Jean. Jeans are great—they're comfortable, casual, and versatile, but they can only get you so far. Why should your legs get all the fun? 

Alas, that was a problem for yesterday. Today, clothes of all types are done up in denim, from jackets to dresses and even purses. From a denim trench coat to going out dresses, denim is no longer reserved for casual weekends or even just for your legs. In fact, with clothes of all styles made up in denim, you could conceivably build up a wardrobe of only denim.

Seriously though, when denim is this varied, is there really a need for anything else?

images from various magazine editorials
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