Friday, September 12, 2014

Call of the Sirens

Prabal Gurung | Rodarte | Jason Wu | Rodarte | Monique Lhuillier
This ain't your Little Mermaid purple seashell bra get-up, ladies and gentlemen. NYFW went under the sea with oceanic greens and blues. Rodarte was the ringleader of the trend with a tidal pool-inspired collection. I could have a whole separate post on the glory of the Mulleavy sisters' latest creations, but I'll just redirect you to the overview and you can give me your thoughts later.

Prabal Gurung had dresses that reflected the twinkling surface of the ocean shore and will look just as fabulous on the red carpet. Jason Wu did an oceanic take on his usual modern glamour. I could totally see Ariel wearing this look to meet Eric on a date (you know, if Ariel and Eric were real people living in the 21st century). And Monique Lhuillier was full of skirts and dresses that quite closely resembled the iridescent scales of a fish (or a half-woman, half-fish, as the case may be).

The trend lends itself to some awesome editorial material, so hopefully Grace Coddington and the like will jump on that opportunity. And then of course there is the recently announced Sofia Coppola version of The Little Mermaid. Can I get my hopes up and pray that the Mulleavy sisters design the costumes?

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Marc By Marc Jacobs SS15: Culture Club

Rave themes and punchy pastels dominated the Marc by Marc Jacobs spring 2015 collection
Tapping Luella Bartley to be the head designer of Marc by Marc Jacobs was the best decision anyone has ever made. Okay, that may be a bit of a hyperbole, but when Luella Bartley's namesake line ended I was devastated (Bartley was one of the designers who got me so interested in fashion to begin with) and so I was ecstatic when she joined the M by MJ team.

The fall collection breathed new life into Jacob's diffusion line, but it was restrained and utilitarian–playing it a bit safe for the first collection, I suppose–so I love seeing Bartley let loose a little bit and get back to her perfectly quirky and flamboyant self.

For spring, pastels and polka dots were major players, but the overall theme of the collection was new wave culture. From punk to rave and everything else in between, the subcultures of the late 80s and early 90s were on full display. The set itself was a series of neon triangles against an otherwise dark space, giving the whole space a glow stick kind of vibe. It was awesome to be honest, and the clothes echoed both the angular shapes and the changing primary colors of the set.

 The perfect blend of playful and wearable, the Marc by Marc Jacobs collection is for the girl who isn't afraid to stand out and who is constantly inspired by music culture. It was weird and cool and perfectly off-beat, which is perfect for the collaboration between the great Luella Bartley and the Marc by Marc Jacobs brand.

What did you think of the Marc by Marc Jacobs collection?

Monday, September 8, 2014

Derek Lam Spring 2015: Seventies Forever

Cool-toned suedes reigned supreme at Derek Lam
If fashion must remain invested in a singular decade, I guess I would rather it be the seventies than any other ten-year span from the twentieth century. And it seems that for spring this may very well be the case, as designers have continued to display motifs of the turbulent and trendy decade that first appeared in fall shows. Derek Lam is one such designer who continues to explore the seventies for his spring 2015 collection, and while it may feel like a bit of deja vu at New York Fashion Week (this piece perfectly sums up the overwhelming sense of familiarity and sameness–blandness, even–of runway collections this season) it's hard to deny that Lam has presented a new take on the style of the seventies while updating it for the modern woman.

Cool hues of purples and blues dominated the clothes, while intertwined with the earthy neutrals most associated with the decade. There was a deep emphasis on stitchwork, highlighted by patchwork pieces and visible stitches on coats and dresses.

Some looks seemed period-piece like, as if they were pulled from the set of American Hustle, but later looks took a less literal spin on the styles of the seventies, using form and shape to suggest inspiration, rather than simply appearing as modern replicas.

The addition of royal purples and rich blues also added a new layer to the collection. The style of the seventies seems to be so deeply intertwined with the feeling of "Americana" (take a glance at any blue-jean-centric editorial from the past few issues of popular fashion magazines) but these very wealthy colors are usually not part of the typical seventies wardrobe. The unexpected colors make these looks upscale and bring them into the twenty-first century, getting richer and more vibrant as the looks go on and then transforming into the epitome of stylish color combinations, black and white.

Sure, we may be getting bored of the continued fascination with the seventies, but when Lam does it so well and with creative innovation it's hard to get upset.

What did you think of Derek Lam's latest collection? What are your thoughts on NYFW so far?

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Put Me In (These Clothes), Coach!

Pastel 70s looks from Coach's Spring 2015 Presentation

And we're off (and I'm back to bloggin')! Fashion week is off to a riotous start and I cannot wait to cover all the best shows and coolest trends. First off: Coach.

Coach has always had a special place in my heart. My first designer bag was a Coach monogram baguette that I received in the sixth grade and I thought I was the coolest girl in middle school thanks to that perfectly mid-2000s bag. But more recently Coach has gone through some tough times, and even though I no longer purchase accessories from the designer I do wish all the best for Coach and don't want to see it struggling. The recent decision to rebrand and add ready-to-wear to the Coach brand was a much-needed one, and so far I have been thoroughly impressed with the collections. 

I'll tell you what I told my mom this morning: Coach is about to make a serious comeback. 

Head designer Stuart Vevers picked up where the fall 2014 collection left off: the seventies. Clogs, bell-bottom pants, and shearling coats were major fashion motifs for spring, all done up in sweet pastels to bring a modern twist to the clothes. Cartoon characters were also screened on everything to shirts and dresses to bags, and make note–the clog is making as big a comeback next spring as the Coach line itself! 

There's just enough retro sass to make this collection playful, but the models and styling scream 21st-century cool girl. declared that the collection was "made for Instagram", but #nofilter needed for these stunning clothes! 

So what do you say, Coach? Will you please put me in (these awesome clothes) already!?

Monday, September 1, 2014

An Update From Lindsey

Hey guys! So sorry that I've been absent from The Fashion Barbie for the past couple of weeks. School started up again, sorority recruitment came and went, and I've been busier than I've ever been. With all the craziness going on in my life, I needed a little break from blogging, but I promise I will be back for the start of New York Fashion Week! Can you believe it's September already??

Anyways, I'll leave you with a pic of the awesome new sorority sisters we got this weekend! It feels so good to know the two weeks of craziness paid off, and I can't wait for the upcoming school year. 

See you guys back here in a few days.